Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet the wallpapers!

We have the internet again! I was so excited I nearly kissed the Comcast man.  It is pathetic and embarrassing how distressed I was when we didn't have it.

Anyway, we have moved and everything is here in our new place and in some semblance of order (besides rooms full of unpacked boxes that I have no interest in unpacking).  I have been mostly focused on going to concerts, weddings and partying and have not started any projects. When people ask about what we are going to tackle first I just yell shrilly "I LIKE IT JUST HOW IT IS! IT'S PERFECT!"...  so I apparently have a mild post-traumatic stress response to the selling/buying/moving situation. In an effort to jumpstart my motivation I will introduce you to the most offensive residents around here (besides the muskrat, sweet baby jesus, I will tell you about that later): the wallpapers. Because they are so LOVELY!


Hello, I am the kitchen/eating area wallpaper. I am striped AND flowered and give off a sick brownish pink hue.  I am the most hated wallpaper around here.

Pleased to meet you. I am the glamorous dining room wallpaper. I am a pearlized designer wallpaper conveniently applied directly to the raw drywall so I will be nearly impossible to remove! :) I am set off by a heinous peachy brown color on the lower half of the wall and super fabulous glitzy chandelier.

Tiny yellow and blue shells on a dingy yellow background here! I clash perfectly with the 7 other shades of blue in the 4x6 powder room.

We are a family of wallpapers that live in the master bathroom.  Because what's better than pink and blue flowers?  THREE VARIETIES IN ONE ROOM, MOFO!

And I, the lowly gray wallpaper of the upstairs bath, may be the last to go. While I AM ugly, I am not quite as offensive as my friends and am also in a hall bath that will probably be used rarely.  

And as a bonus for sitting through this horror show, some bonus floor covering shots:

Look away, for your own good. Save yourself.