Monday, July 16, 2012

...they don't want you back.

Brad and I are moving! I've decided to start this blog to try to document our remodeling journey, partly because I regret not having a good record of all the work we did on our last house and partly because I'm hoping it will give me a bit of motivation for the projects we are facing.

Our new house. Lots of potential and lots of... peach.  The house is just what we wanted - a single home, with a garage, finished basement and a yard with lots of privacy in a great school district, without a ridiculously high price. The property is really what sold us, a lush acre with a stream, tons of plants, koi pond, fenced garden with raised beds and a grove of fruit trees. It is seriously lovely.  And as a bonus we got flowered wallpaper, borders (sometimes multiple wallpapers in the same room!), baby blue tiles, pink toilets, blue toilets, magenta carpets, wood paneling - you get it.  It is a time capsule straight back to 1987. It even smells like 1987 (that I'm just making up, I was 3).  It's a good move and we are thrilled and feel very lucky. But some parts of our new house are hilariously.. horrifying?

Our new master bedroom:

The dining room:

The (cue the horror movie screams) master bathroom:

But there is also this:

And this:

And this:

So we are thrilled, and have some big plans for this place. Stay tuned.

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