Sunday, November 11, 2012

The spice?

      The saying goes "Variety is the spice of life." but apparently I am no longer a person who find this to be true (along with saying "Where there's smoke, there's fire" because obviously there are plenty of instances where there is just smoke. Such as cigarettes and most of the fires I attempt to start in the fire pit. I digress.). In the past I was the one arguing with Brad that I didn't want to go to St John (the most beautiful and perfect place in the world!) for the sole reason that I'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE (THE HORROR!!). I always wanted NEW stuff.  I wanted to collect shiny, new stories of all the different things I've done, places I've been, music I've heard, shows I've watched, and exotic foods I've tried.  I get tired of things and am incredibly inconsistent with habits, bad and good. Anyway, I've noticed a few slightly unusual patterns forming in my life in the past 6 weeks.
  • I only watch Boardwalk Empire. Not one other show.  28 episodes in the past few weeks.
  • I listen to the same band's full album every day. Sometimes multiple times. While I'm driving to and from work, while I'm cooking, showering, cleaning. I try to listen to other things but I just.. can't.
  • I want to wear the same pants to work every day. I only allow myself to wear them twice a week and I am thrilled on favorite pants days. I pop right out of bed!
  • I only want to eat Chinese food.  Steamed dumplings to be precise. I try to limit this to once every other day, because.. MSG? Is this something I should worry about? Also, it probably can't be healthy to eat steamed dumplings every day for dinner. 
     I have no idea how or why this hyper-focus has developed or how long it is going to continue. I guess I'll run out of episodes and wear my pants threadbare and die from MSG poisoning at some point.  I can't even think about stopping with the music. Anyone else have this strange affliction?

       Earlier this summer I stumbled across this post and for some reason it really struck me, and stuck with me. Duh. Why would I not find time to do the things I find enjoyable? Why should I feel guilty about it? The thing that makes me stupid happy is live music, and it's not like I need to see the Rolling Stones every week. A dude with a guitar in a local bar, putting it out there, it makes me giddy.  I have actually teared up over seeing people on a tiny stage, letting it all go. I'm sure I was drunk at the time, but I just find it so beautiful to be brave enough to get up there and do it. I've seen at least 10 shows since reading it and I'm so grateful that I have changed my mindset.  What made me think that being an adult should mean that I should discount the things that I love doing?  Continuing with the new theme of my life, I've seen one band 5 times and another 3 times.

Consistency. Who would have thought?

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  1. i have favorite pants that i only allow myself to wear 2 times a week too!! black stretchy pants from h&m. i often think that i wish it were acceptable to wear the same clothes everyday just like they do in cartoons. Lisa Simpson gets to wear her favorite red dress every damn day! why can't i wear my favorite pants more than 2 times a week?!